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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Poppy Works The Now Harvest

To resume: "Hello Poppy!"

"Hello Geo.! So glad I finally got through."

"Poppy, the backporch phone is calibrated for the Hawking radiation signal spectrum."

"Uh huh... That's the only frequency that can escape from where I am."

"Did you fall in a hole? Poppy, you ok?"

"I guess. It's these shoes. I was assigned to explore humanity's place, its role in the Cosmos. I walked and walked, poked into ages and eons then walked some more. I was walking across The Einstein-Rosen Bridge when I realized I'd worn out my footwear. I stopped to lean on the railing. The view was wonderful! That's when it happened."

"Want to talk about it?"

"No...Yes, I fell through a hole in my shoe! A Black Hole! Is your view-screen still in the living room, Geo.?"

"Yes, of course. I'll patch your x-ray transmissions through to my hearing aids and go down the hall...
....What am I looking at here, Poppy? It's blurry!"

"Well, Geo., they're sunflowers that bloom above the clouds, and put your glasses on. No offense, but your photos are crappy. Could you get Norma to do the rest?"

"Ok, better. What's that thing flying around?"
"That's my rocket ship, Geo. It's called "Harvester".

"Gee, the sunflowers are huge."

"No Geo., they're normal, only about ten, twelve feet high. Everything else is miniaturized by gravitational compression. Sunflowers thrive on all the trapped light in here. Their seeds are the only form of local currency and are collected in rocket ships. Lookee:"
"Gosh, Poppy, it's like watching a hummingbird go from blossom to blossom."

"Yes, very close analogy. Except this isn't seasonal; this is all the time."

"Ah, as in a Black Hole, time doesn't proceed sidereally --as determined by the stars."

"Right. It's always just NOW. I know worlds go through adolescent phases where everybody wants to live in the present, the exclusive now, and that's ok, I guess."


"But, Geo., even though NOW is just fine, I hate being stranded in it. Seed harvest is hard work!"

"There's no tragedy in hard work, Poppy. I've done enough of it. What you need is a plan." 

"I'm open to suggestions, Geo."

"Land, spend your seeds, get your shoes resoled, refuel Harvester and put the pedal to the metal."

"What heading?"

"Hmmm,  Barrie good question. 'Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.'"

"But I can't see any stars from here. It's all one light! No up. No down!"

 "Then try forward, Poppy."

"Oh my gosh it WORKED!!!!!"

"Thought it might. Forward has always been one of my favorite directions."

"Should I go back to the Einstein-Rosen Bridge?"

"If you wish, but I'd steer clear of this part of it."


"Superbowl's coming to Santa Clara. All Bay Area bridges will be clogged up."

"Even theoretical ones, Geo.?"

"Especially theoretical ones, Poppy. Now look for that star."

"Second on the right, right?"

"Right, and straight on 'til morning."


  1. I had to look it up (second star on the right, straight on 'til morning), but now I know :)

    Your special effects are just as delightful as your flights of fancy, Geo.!

  2. Even a petite spaceship like that would have room for some exotic matter, and negative energy density in some corner, enough to sprinkle poppy and the lost boys for the journey. Everyone should enjoy a walk on the wild side once in a blue moon.

    1. Ah, that's the dust that combines with happy thoughts and makes us fly. I built that little rocket 30 years ago for the kids and found it Friday in the potting shed. It had every kind of dust on it and in it --some still magical.

  3. Poppy should have fun in Neverland. And there are so many other places to visit. There is the Wardrobe, Through the Looking Glass, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Lilliput and Blefuscu... the opportunities are infinite.

    1. In Poppy's continuum, imagination is essential --just like in ours.

  4. Watch out for the crocodile.

    1. Delores, I never leave crocodiles out of my calculations --but appreciate the reminder!

  5. I hope Poppy makes the correct right turn, because if he takes the FIRST star to the right he'll wind up at the Superbowl instead of Never-Neverland.

    And if he goes left he just might wind up at Disneyland!

    1. Poppy's an expert navigator and will doubtless wind up in all three places --maybe even all at once.

  6. Replies
    1. Most kind. Have always thought there should be a time-warp lane on all the Bay bridges --especially during rush hours.

  7. Oh I loved that! First your wonderful "doodles" - which a less modest man would call paintings, and they are really good! - then the selfie (where my attention immediately runs to the hat on the left - I think it is Norma's, and as a hat-devotee I say: gorgeous! - well, and then of course Poppy herself. "Forward has always been one of my favorite directions." - wonderful!
    A question: what is a "Barrie good question"? (Will read the comments before me when I have finished here - maybe the riddle is already solved).

    1. Dear Brigitta, Thanks for generous appraisal of my doodles! Hat is indeed Norma's. Regarding question:
      “Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning. ”
      ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan.
      I couldn't resist the 'very/Barrie' homophonic pun.

    2. Well, I saw the intention - and for a second I thought of J.M.Barrie - I have so nicely set books of him, though not read more than P.P. - whose monument I saw in Kensington Gardens. (First thought was Dave Barry, but that was written 'wrong')

    3. Brigitta, I have just learned that Dave Barry did indeed coauthor a book (with Ridley Pearson) called "Peter and the Starcatchers" that provides a backstory for the character, Peter Pan.

  8. I've just discovered a hole in my slipper, so I've written those directions on the back of my hand just in case - better a Barrie good adventure than a squished splat in a singularity! x

  9. I've read lots of books about black holes and the Einstein-Rosen bridge, but never have I ever read a single one of them with a smile on my face. Barrie good, dude!!!

  10. A delightful adventure. Now however I must worry about gravitational compression, the thinning sole on an old loafer-a birthing black hole perhaps and those theoretical bridges that are about to be jammed.
    Happy Travels Poppy!

    1. Tom, at our ages, we oughtn't worry about gravity, shoe holes, black holes or bridges. It's our time for happy travels! Poppy would doubtless agree!

  11. Your imagination is incredible

    1. Kind Sage, thank you --and don't overdo on that newly repaired leg.


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