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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cloud Computing, Idiot Wind

I'd just stepped out the back door when I heard it.


Looked around. Couldn't really get a fix on the source.

"Psst! Up here."


"Hello, Cloud. What's up?"

"Haven't the foggiest."

It's a silly old joke I've long traded with the sky. Cloud never tires of it. Never tires of anything really, but gets lonely, wants to talk.

"Been wondering what you're up to, kid," said Cloud.

"This and that. Retired some years ago but still get out to see you."

"Yes, your years as a gardener. See a lot of each other then."

"'See'? That's present tense, Cloud. I haven't gardened commercially in over three years."

"Oops, I forget. It's all present tense to me. Water molecules don't age."

"Well, I do."

Cloud folded pensively, then broke up a bit. "I don't see why, Geo. You're mostly water, same stuff I am with a few trace minerals added."

"They make all the difference, Cloud. But I can see why you're divided on the subject."

"So you're human. You got minerals. You experience time. What's the big deal with time?"

"Well, right now you're turning some lovely colors because it's nearly sunset, which is a time."

"Ok, it'll be sunset here. It's being sunset elsewhere and been sunset even elserwhere than that. How's it relevant?"

"It helps us humans coordinate events on clocks and calendars. For this purpose we've divided our rotating world into time-zones."

"Sorry Geo., but to me it just sounds like you all can't agree on what single solitary time it really is in the world. If you can't agree on what time it is, you can't expect to agree on much else."

"Maybe so. You know, for a cloud, you have an admirable insight --human doings, thoughts."

"Thanks, but the time thing is admittedly confusing. I mean I see you at all stages of your life clear back to the middle of the past century and..."

"And what?"

"Never mind."

"You were going to say something about the future, weren't you?"

"No, not important. I know you're happy to be whatever's left of yourself because..."


"All life drinks water, is made of mostly water and passes water, which evaporates. Where do you think I come from anyway?"

"Good point. I bow to your wisdom and discretion, but aren't you leaving something out of your timeless computations? Something like Wind?"

"What do you mean? Wind is an idiot!"

"An idiot that has drawn you from the sea and will pile and bash you on the Sierras until you fall out of the sky."

"You sure? Wait a minute. I have an even better idea. Don't go in..."

"Not my call. See you underfoot in the Spring." I said as the trees began to sway.


  1. Enjoyed this especially as we have had some lovey pink clouds like thoe in the photos.

  2. This makes me think of a bit of poetry I picked up in school so many many (oh wait, time doesn't matter, right) anyhooo...

    Who has seen the wind
    Neither you nor I
    But when the trees bow down their heads
    The wind is passing by

  3. Lorna-- Those clouds, at Stratford? I envy you! Thanks!

    Delores-- From a one-room school to universal truths! Does it still happen? For all our sakes, I hope so.

  4. Does the idiot wind know what time it is?

    Must be lovely not to have to worry about time.

    I don't know where you pull all these brilliant ideas from, Geo. :)

  5. Oh, get cirrus. You can never trust the word of a cloud. Listen to the wind. Its news is much more current.

  6. I talk to the wind...the wind does not hear... :D

  7. CarrieBoo-- Most kind. Sometimes my ideas and wind come from the same place.

    Susan-- Hah! True, but clouds take everything more cirrusly.

    Austan-- Wow! Hadn't occurred to me before but this might indeed be how King Crimson got started.

  8. This reminds me of the conversations my canine companion Jasper and I have. Needless to say, as I know you know, he always wins!

  9. Thanks Will, and...ah...does Jasper give autographs? Never asked a Shakespearean actor for one and don't know the protocol.

  10. I like clouds :) I find them entertaining, great friends lol. Maybe you should come to Maryland :) Because that's where I am lol


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