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Sunday, November 19, 2023

Dawn of the Romantic Era


[page: Mr. Rexroth's book "100 More Poems from the Japanese"]
[geodoodle:  Masaoka-san looking up at Kenneth Rexroth's translations] 

[geopoem: with Masaoka Shiki's poem in mind after snow trip in Sierras around 40 years ago]

I suspect it would be useful to send and receive thoughts back and forth trough time in positive and constructive ways, sort of like a cultural climacteric. A good example would be Austria, around year 1800, when Classical music went through Schuberty.



  1. I have nothing original to offer,
    It's beyond me
    To be that clever....

    Or, from Issa:
    mosquito at my ear—
    does it think
    i'm deaf?

    1. Thanks, dear Mike. Your encouraging comment and sample of Issa's gentle humor are much appreciated.

  2. I enjoyed the thoughts of the poem. It evoked some strange emotions in me.

    1. Very glad you enjoyed the poem, Emma. Sometimes strange emotions are best addressed in poetry.


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