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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

'71 VW Tact

Bus:  I feel a presence, Geo., something unfamiliar behind me.

Geo.: You mean back down the lane?

Bus:  Yes, a disturbance in the force.

Geo.: Here, let me adjust your rearview mirror.

Bus: Good heavens! You didn't!
Geo.:  Look, I'm sorry to spring it on you so suddenly but there's no help for it. It had to be done. I needed something with air conditioning.

Bus: Nonsense. Look at it, brand new, frightened and squinting. It looks upset. It looks like it wants to hide in the weeds. Whereas I...

Geo.: I know, you are tall and proud and have served this family over 30 years. You've hauled children safely to and from school and to cities after they grew. You've carried tools, appliances, building materials, landscaping supplies and groceries reliably and without complaint. But your odometer has clocked over a million miles and it's time you joined Norma and me in retirement.

Bus: Soft sawder! I'm just a big ugly box on wheels and you'll probably sell me.

Geo.: You are, always have been and will be an extra room of our home, a magic room with wheels. We would not dream of selling you.

Bus:  I said ugly too.

Geo. :  You'll never be ugly to me, Bus. But now that you mention it, the newcomer is an attractive car.

Bus: I thought as much! Go ahead and say it.

Geo.: What?

Bus: Say it.

Geo.: Ok ok, it's a pretty car and I bought it because... well, even I need to feel pretty sometimes.

Bus: dumme Gans!

Geo. : Ich liebe dich auch.


  1. After thirty years the bus needs a well-deserved rest. I'm glad to know that it (he?she?) has a loving and permanent home.
    I wish I could say the same for myself.

    Whenever there's a new kid in the family sibling envy and rivalry is bound to happen. Eventually the bus will get over it and learn to accept the new air-conditioned hot shot.

  2. Jon-- I sure hope so. Bus has reverted to its native language and now I have to go look words up.

  3. Hahaha - ich kann ihn verstehen, den Bus, sprachlich und emotional!
    But I also understand the joy about a beautiful new car.

  4. Poor little bus. You could have warned her/him/it (sie/er/es)...

    I understand though. I would really, really like to go home every day in a pretty silvery car with a/c myself.

  5. Dear Geo,
    Bus has served you well, but doesn't everyone love a new baby? Drive well, and enjoy the stares of people who will be surprised to see you with a new honey.

  6. lol..explain to it, it's new 'vintage' classification and wotrth. Even a vintage bus can understand dollars and 'sense'. Congrats on the new buggy by the way...the AC is a big plus these hot summer days.

  7. Poor dear! Well, at least the bus gets to stay with you if only for sentimental reasons. Our last car (a Honda) didn't last quite as long as your bus, but it served us well for many years. I did think I heard a sigh coming from it when I closed the door on it at trade-in time. I'm not sure if it was glad to be rid of us or sad to see us go!

  8. Oh this is funny poor amazingly beautiful bus:)the new one is is a beauty though. B

  9. The poor ol' Bus. Put out to pasture in her prime. (Her PRIME, I tell ya!)You're going to have to treat her very gently now to soothe her hurt feelings. Maybe treat her to a nice vintage bottle of STP or two.

  10. There is room for all of us: the boxy and non-cooled and the sleek and comfortable.


  11. Britta-- Indeed, the emotions of Bus are universal, even if its linguistics are not.

    Michelle-- Patience, it took me many decades to admit the advantages of A/C.

    Arleen-- Yes, I shall be pretty at last!

    Delores-- Indeed, and Bus has a kindly streak that accepts unselfishly. Newcomer will be ok.

    w2w-- More than sentiment is at work here. Bus has a capacious cargo hold!


    Buttons-- True beauty of every age is amazing!

    Susan-- I shall be all kindness and attention.

    Pearl-- I believe you have just described most of my relatives!

  12. This was surprisingly poignant! I love the Bus ...

  13. Suze-- Yes, the whole experience was quite peppered with poig. Love for bus kept us from trading it in --which would've been poikilothermal of us.

  14. Tja, recht hat er, der alte bus.

    But I do like the new, sleek motor too. Just make sure bus always a a special place in your heart, not to mention the yard.

  15. I grow quite attached to my cars, too. Which is why I nearly always bequeath them to my kids.

  16. Bus protests for reassurance of attention. She will be the Empress Dowager of your vehicle dynasty. (I'm not sure what the German equivalent is.) The new car will be an air conditioned breath of fresh air, and it will all turn out like a satisfying movie.


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