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Friday, November 27, 2009

Old vs. New Ageing Research

Re: Nobel prize for medicine awarded for work on ageing. Three scientists win the most prestigious prize in medicine for work on telomeres---

I have worked privately on ageing for a long time and considered my work successful. I'm way older now. But this development stunned me. Let me get this straight, the idea is to STOP ageing? Nobel Foundation should really have made that clearer.

However, I am impressed with the idea of chromosomes wearing "caps" to avert degradation. I find a broad-brimmed hat useful too, especially while gardening. For hatless students of age-abatement there are other reports.

I recommend Stoker's research. He found ageing could be managed by modifying some social interactions, but there were side effects. His subjects complained of dental malocclusion, leathery wing growth and invisibility in mirrors. MRS --missing reflection syndrome-- is of philological interest as it forever linked vampires with the phrase, "Is my hair alright?"


  1. Curiosity got the better of me, Geo, and I had to read your second post. I suspect that my telomeres are weathered and frazzled, and I know that my private anti-ageing program has stalled during this holiday season. Maybe this morning I'll make it to the workout room, and since I've eaten my way through most of my Christmas chocolate, there is hope for my stressed telomeres.

    I can't do hats, except under extreme conditions. I was forced to wear hats to church early on, like my grandmother and mother. I don't remember Nana's hats because I could never get past the little fox legs.

    Stoker's research results never appealed to me. I've slept on a dirt mound raised up on a dirt floor in an Iban community in Sarawak, up a river close to the borders of West Kalimantan. While the experience was fantastic, I don't recommend sleeping on a pile of dirt, even if it is dirt from home. I was most grateful to have a mosquito net to keep out bloodsucking insects, but it was woefully inadequate for protecting me from vampires. Fortunately none showed up, and I made it out of the Iban village with my head.

    I've given up on asking, "Is my hair alright?" My hair is wildly independent, and it's hard to squelch independence, a quality I greatly admire.

    And here I thought the song, "You Can Leave Your Hat On" was about the lead up to to sex. Perhaps the singers had discovered, like you, the benefits of keeping a hat on and were actually concerned about their ladies' telomeres. Perhaps they kept their hats on too?

    Maybe I'll put one on. It seems much easier than slogging on a treadmill and pumping iron.
    Have a good one!

    1. I believe the whole punchline is "Keep your hat on; we may end up miles from here." Thanks for timetraveling, Louise. I'm back here in '09 looking for an old sermon and delighted to find your visit a few months ahead of me.


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