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Friday, November 27, 2009


The tendency to be religious is fundamentally panpsychic, a personification of the universe. I can't dismiss the idea that the universe itself is intelligent, that as we look into it, it looks into us. It exists in time between parenthetical boundaries of being and nothingness, concept-totality and concept-zero, which also frame the human mind. It is why we pray.

We receive the emergent reward, Life, but find it unsafe. Life has a 100% mortality rate, which is appalling and we'd very much like to speak to someone about it. Between the maths of all and nothing we are left two conclusions, both unsatisfactory: life, as a product, is defective; the purpose of the product, because it fails totally at some very crucial moments, is incomprehensible.

Church offers, among other psychological and social comforts --such as venue for a generation of women who like to sing in crazy vibrato voices-- a complaints window. One takes questions there. The window is round and located on the bottom.

If we turn a church over answers float up to the glass --"yes", "no", "maybe" and "ask again later"-- seemingly at random. This suggests the sphere of living worship and the ink-filled 8-Ball are novelties of identical construction, and, if we are to experience the punctuation and voice of the universe, we must look and listen elsewhere.

When the starting point of one's search presumes to include the whole universe, elsewhere is a pretty tough project. So we must experiment. A study of languages that died trying is helpful here.

Elsewhere, like universal personification, is a concept imagined in parenthesis. Parenthesis a word given by Greeks to the Romans, who in turn bequeathed it to us along with two related expressions: homosapiens* and ora pro nobis**. This keeps my theory of human religion in a flexible state. As today it is bendier than yesterday so shall it be more bendy tomorrow --and, if not intellectually safe, at least no less safe. In fact, you are welcome to try this at home.

*man the wise
**pray for us


  1. Oh Mr. Geo, we think so very much alike. No great wonder I reckon...the collective consciuosness at it's best. I lost my access to a scanner but since you seem to bve one of my biggest art fans, I would like to send you some recent collages done here in Florida, that I am certain you will enjoy. I am fascinated lately with how (what the Spanish) called the "timucuan") people. They towered over the first French invaders and seemed to have a Polynesian culture. The two collages that I would like to send you are definetely influenced by my studies and recent dreamscapes.
    Write me at
    ( with a snail mail address and I will send them to you. Looks like yer on a train there...really wonderful new blog. Peace, Annie B.

  2. Thank you, Annie B., for your positive comment. Yes I am indeed on a train in the new profile pic. We always take Amtrak to see our San Francisco kids. I don't drive there anymore because parking is too exciting. Besides, I like to drink beer on the way home and watch enigmas roll past. Most kind of you to offer gift by post from your new art project --which sounds fascinating. But I prefer to wait until you can scan and post them, so others may enjoy them too. Your art is of universal appeal and will attract many viewers if you are patient. My son, who is an artist, says a lot of NYC art is produced in Florida and involves social networking --mainly getting folks to like one thing and wondering if they might not like another. But keep up blog and resume scanning pieces. I look forward to seeing them!



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