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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bridge Update Or I Decline A Trainride

It was Thursday when Willie called and asked if I was still intent upon driving to San Francisco on the weekend even though the Bay Bridge was closed. He said an alternative northern approach might consume hours over a clogged Golden Gate, that I should take the train to Richmond and BART under the bay, that anyone who did otherwise should have his head examined. Fortunately, I had my head examined in July and was pronounced an imbecile, which banished all doubt about which mode of transport I would choose. Still, I consulted an aerial view of the route.
Our aerial view is really a Normaphoto of clouds turned upside down, which makes it look like you're flying. You can do this at home. Here is the original:

So I packed a few items not usually furnished in guest bathrooms-- wire brush and claw hammer for subduing my hair-- then followed the clouds where they'd taken up residence on the car hood.

We got in and the hoodclouds directed us to San Rafael, where we turned south for the Golden Gate.  Bridge was clear, except where it attaches to the sky.

We arrived after suffering no great traffic challenges and got to dance with our offspring.

And wander off to beautiful, contemplative places.

This required walking, walking where I used to run. Oh, I could still run probably. There was a time when I could outrun boys twice my age --long ago. But now at age 63...well, those boys are 126...Gee! I could still outrun most of them. But wandering isn't running, is it?  Wandering is when one's sweater and hair approach the color of Pacific sand and fog rolls in on waves to blend with the fog in one's head. It was time to head inland.

That was Sunday, and traffic was heavier on 19th Street but they had brought in more fog to hold the bridge up and,
 to our delight and relief, it did not come down.


  1. If I had known all I had to do was follow the clouds on the hood of the car....

  2. That sounds like a truly magical weekend - and I love the normaphotos and am very, very glad to hear that fog is an engineering miracle. It explains quite a lot.

  3. There comes a time in life when wandering is far more pleasurable than running. I've reached that point, and I've been able to observe many more things at my slower pace.

    Your excursion sounds wonderful and the photos are great. Send me some fog, would you?

  4. Your trip sounds amazing! I love the fog and the bridge and the ocean...I've never seen the Pacific.
    Did you know your offspring all have blank white strips right down the middle of their bodies, but you and Norma don't? Some kind of genetic anomaly, I guess...

  5. At least with wandering you have time to pause and appreciate things...I can't imagine how beautiful the Golden Gate Bridge must be in the fall.

  6. "Following the clouds", I like that better than the yellow brick road. However, I love all the roads that lead into the wonderful town of San Francisco. I think I have a kinship to anything that is foggy.

  7. Geo, sounds like it was a wonderful trip and you got some of that fog that I love!
    "Dancing with the offspring"
    How lovely!

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing them.
    Have not been to San Francisco in a few years, one of my favorite cities!

    Take care

  8. I readily identify with your need to tame your hair. I never understand when people say they want more body in their hair - I've got enough for any three people myself.

  9. These fog photos are so lovely! I am utterly convinced that one can run with 63 very well - why not? Though wandering is nice too - as you say: one can contemplate more. Have you ever tried to contrast Pacific sand with sky blue (as the Pacific does) - no need to wear beige, not with 63 :-)

  10. Our fog is too wispy for bridges, I am entirely impressed. Happy wanderings and dancing :-) x

  11. What a delightful trip. Not your trip. My trip. With you. Although your trip sounds nice, too.

  12. Delores-- I have found hoodclouds quite reliable for navigation but don't tell the VW bus, which is hoodless.

    E.C.-- Conveyed your compliment to Norma. She glowed.

    Jon-- Oh, I wish I could send you fog but, alas, postage is exorbitant!

    Michelle-- Yes, you must see the Pacific --Balboa said it first. As to offspring: those three in the pic. have work and projects often in the public eye and manage their images carefully. I cropped them out to keep them from being cross with me.

    Keith-- Golden Gate is a beautiful crossing any time, but I too am partial to Autumn.

    Margie-- Thank you! And I shall take care, or at least cross streets more carefully. You take care too!

    Arleen-- I have noticed your eloquent affinity to fog from your excellent blog. And yes, SF is a wonderful point of convergence.

    Squid-- Ah, a fellow ulotrichy sufferer. I am looking for a hair conditioner with explosives.

    Britta-- Age, beige, sun damage --everything is eased on Pacific sand.

    Lisa--Thank you Lisa. Same to you!

    C. Consigliere-- Most kind! Glad our separate trips coincided.

  13. 'wire brush and claw hammer for subduing my hair'


    I have been wondering how your trip went. The photos with the post are truly wonderful. I think I need to reread it just to savor all the word play. Well done, Geo. You could outwrite boys 126 any day.

  14. It sounds like you had a fun time. I love to go where the clouds take me too.

  15. I love the fog. We used to see a lot of it when we lived in Maryland, but it's a rarity here in inland Georgia. While we were in Tennessee, there was a beautiful fog when I got up one morning, but it burned off so quickly, it was completely gone by the time I went to the bedroom to retrieve my camera. (And no, I didn't pause there for a nap! It was gone in a finger snap.)

    This is such a lovely post. There's an undercurrent of nostalgia beneath the humor that really tugs at my heartstrings. Well done, dude.

  16. Wait, no! Scratch that. Not nostalgia. Melancholy. Then again, there's something about fog that makes us a little melancholy, I suppose.

  17. What a wonderful (and wonderfully illustrated) trip! It looks like you all are playing rock, paper, scissors in that photo ...

  18. Suze-- Thanks! Photos are another good reason to travel with Norma.

    Emma--Clouds are good guides. I'm hoping they teach us to fly.

    Susan-- Nostalgia and melancholy come with memories of kid-rearing days gone by, busy wonderful years --but oh my, what rewards!

    Stephanie-- It DOES look like rock, paper, sissors --but we just follow Norma's moves and haven't a clue what it means.

  19. Thanks for the chuckles--I've driven those bridges before and hated the traffic so I'm glad it wasn't too bad for you.


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