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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good And Evil

I am regaining my strength through regular use of a 20-pound dumbbell, which you can see behind me on the bench where I conduct therapeutic workouts. It is best to divide effort between the dumbbell and a smaller, 12 ounce, weight which seems to get lighter with each repetition. This is conducive to meditation, especially meditation upon the enigmatic nature of good and evil.

I do this between exertions by studying the essential and irreducible structure of the fence.  It is made of matter, which is one of several ways to organize subatomic events. Good and evil appear as virtual charges around a singlet. A singlet, in physics, is a quantum state with zero spin. A singlet in spectroscopy is an entity appearing, like a fence-paling point, as a single peak. In optics, like the eyes I'm using, a singlet refers to refraction involving just one lens. In the exercise above, all three definitions are employed.

There is only one definition of singlet not in use here. It is another name for onesie. Onesies are a one-piece garment worn by wrestlers and babies. They are based upon the feather coverings of baby mockingbirds. I didn't know this until Norma took this picture of a nest outside the bathroom window:

These little birds wear singlets of new feathers. Onesies.

With each new turn of quantum navigation, we are invited to choose a future that best includes us. The virtual, good  or evil, becomes actual by our attention. Evil is opportunistic and, once it gains a foothold, will take a person over --or a nation-- and is the very devil to get rid of. How is that accomplished?

It's not strictly eradicated by huge reforms. Personal internal adjustments are needed. Because every kindness creates an endless ripple --verifiable by cyclotron studies-- it's the small acts of goodness, help and heroism that can in combination keep evil away. However, if you are further along in your exercises than I, you may wish to wrestle evil outright. In this aerobic effort, I recommend you wear a onesie.


  1. Your blog posts are always a therapeutic workout for the mind. Often they are so perfectly constructed and emotionally satisfying that a comment isn't necessary.

  2. Sometimes I do not understand what you are saying, but I love the way you say it.

    You are ALWAYS interesting, Geo.

  3. I agree with I always get quite a "cerebral workout" when I visit here.

  4. Not that I give a rat's patootie about offending any fashion laws, but trust me, the world is a better place if I don't attempt to squeeze myself into a onesie. It'll have to suffice for me to continue fighting evil while wearing sweat pants, sweatshirt, and slippers.

    Another great post, dude.

  5. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's honestly how I feel. This post took me all over the place. Deep-chest chuckle when you leapt from singlets -- which I was taking very seriously -- to the onesie.

    An at the end, such a beautiful full circle.


    (Not to mention subtly, completely non-preachily, perfectly inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. Okay, can you tell I loved this post?)

  6. Just read Jon's comment. Often true. But today, I was really into the effusive, falling-all-over-myself comment.

  7. I have a dumbbell at home too but I can't lift him lol. I will do my best to fight evil one good thought at a time but....and here I MUST insist... NOT in a onesie.

  8. Arleen--And you are ALWAYS supportive...even when I don't understand what I write either.

    Keith-- It's too hot here for any workout beyond cerebral. Thanks.

    Susan-- Don't know if dudes wear onesies. Do boilersuits count?

    Suze-- If that's falling all over yourself, you do it so gracefully it's like an enchanting ballet. I am encouraged by it.

    Delores-- I find the 12-ounce weights easier to manage. They are manufactured by the Guinness Brewing Company.

  9. I like that 12 ounce dumb bell... If I do a heavy work out with them, I seem to think I'm getter stronger and smarter, but in reality am dumber and sound as obnoxious as a bell ringing at an inappropriate time.

  10. Thanks Sage. I like the bell simile. I lay off the 12-ounce weights until I stop hearing them.

  11. I'm fairly sure if I wore a onesie in public everyone would run indoors and stay there. Which in a roundabout way, would fight crime. I shall take this under careful consideration.

  12. Brilliant post. I have been thinking of good and evil (and heroes!) a lot lately, too. And birds encourage this, don't they? Only I hadn't noticed the onesies (I sure will now). Mostly I was watching sparrows fight each other literally to the death (aggressive wee things) and thinking, ah, nature. Red in tooth and all that. Why is violence so acceptable to us when other species do it?

  13. Austan --Don't confuse onesie with oneness. Your heroic kindness is unified with a universal concert. You may wear twosies.

    Stephanie --Sparrows are birdbrains. We may safely ignore them. But what is that thing on your head in your picture?


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