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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Conation (and vibes)

[Norma photo: Geo. feeling vibes!]
Conation is such a vital and essential element of life, and one so commonplace that no one feels much need to mention it, and no one does. That is why I must look it up every time I think of it and say, "Oh yes! Of course that is what it means."

One strives and tries always, but there are different stages to strife and trial that require ever-deeper understanding of psychology. For this, one consults the psychologist. This helps, especially if you don't know what I'm talking about, and helps even more if I don't know what I'm talking about. Puzzling if we ignore two points; the fact that psychology is predicated upon the assumption that we confuse and mislead ourselves every chance we get; everything useful and profitable in the science of psychology was discovered by used car salesmen, then translated into Latin.

The conative experience is collective. Let me illustrate. One has, among contacts, friends, family and coworkers. Should one retire, and three years ago I did, suddenly I am without coworkers. A whole THIRD of my contacts in the world disappear. Coworkers are gone and many cows go unorked. Then one realizes one didn't especially like orking cows and looks for new frontiers of conation. This is peculiar. Peculiar to personal progress. For the purposes of this scholarly essay, I refer to the liberation of self-direction and conscience.

One is prepared, admittedly, while still employed. I felt a freedom of conscience because my employers could not easily do without me and I insisted upon it. But there was always a rejoinder on their parts, spoken or implied, that the day Geo. could rule his own destiny was yet to come. And when it did come, it was not with fanfare, bells or whistles --I sat in the break-room and shared a box of candy with a friend and we both missed our retirement luncheon. Then two cars left the lot, one of them mine, and never returned.

Where did I go? I went to blow bubbles with my grandchildren. Bubbles echo the shape and mechanism of the universe. They are made of events, seeking the elastic and uncontainable shape of their container. They follow physical laws that must be true because we thought of them ourselves, to explain events. We alternately forget and discover the word, conation. We are always trying to navigate events.


Events are what you see before you, around you, within you. All possible events are assembled in the manifold universe and compose themselves into coincidences, a monstrous compilation of coincidences --infinitely large and infinitely detailed. What you and I think of it depends upon it.

Because it is what thought is made of too.


  1. One of the 1000 most obscure words in the English Language. The way I deal with thoughts and feelings is somewhat obscure as well.

  2. Thanks, Delores. Let's go find the other 999!

  3. Google translate does not wish to translate it for me :)
    Anyways it's a lovely post here overall.

  4. I had to look that up. Amazing how our brains instinctively (often to our own detriment) try to hold us back, to stop us growing, locked in old beliefs and thought processes. I don't trust this sucker in my head at all. Only problem is, once you start questioning it, there is no end. No end and no beginning. So instead, we blow bubbles.

  5. Dorobo-- Thank you! Your command of English, and American idiom, is so good I sometimes forget you are in Lithuania.

    CarrieBoo-- Indeed, perhaps the best we can do is find ourselves searching for ourselves. Altho I do sometimes trip over myself in the dark.

  6. My dictionary is so cheap. It is not there. The nearest is concatenation, meaning: A series of interconnected things.
    Now I have to go and find out what is the difference between connected and interconnected.
    Perhaps now that I'm retired I should go and get an education.
    You always get me thinking Geo and that is a good thing.

  7. Well, Geo. and CarrieBoo expressed it beautifully.
    I had to look it up. The third faculty of the mind? Desire, volition, and striving??
    Unfortunately, ever since I came to Texas my vocabulary has been diminishing. Rather than relying on words, I find myself more comfortable blowing bubbles.....

  8. Conation, of course, is itself a bubble because one generally doesn't have unlimited choices in life. And what a wakeup call when our bubbles burst! I'm loving your posts, Geo.

  9. Jon, John, Austan, thank you!


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