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Monday, January 16, 2012

Wordlist #10 Or #11 After Two #8s

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stop (STOP):

We all think we know what eight is, twice four, but what's four really? And why is eight and four twelve, what then?

In this blog there are two "Wordlists #8". One in June, another in October, last year. I don't quite know what to do about this. In my head, I reckon this to be #11 but, if I follow my heart, it is #10. We are all of us human, men and women, but different. I have it on good authority that women have four times the emotional range of men.

Four times.

This means 75% of the time, men regularly have no idea what women are feeling. But I am different from regular women and most men and follow neither head nor heart here. I follow the math of the Dodekatheonists (from whom, despite their being human, nobody's heard squat for over two thousand years): next word list will be #12. Just look into the future and see if it isn't.

The woman with whom I have lived 42 years, who understands me four times better than I do, was raised in a small town. We drive through it sometimes. Very little has changed there, even though we live way the heck in its future. Week ago, she took pictures, one of which is located over this wordlist. It is also upside down. It is of an intersection where it's really important to stop, so they painted "stop". Then all the young people moved out of the little town. Arithmetically speaking, the remainder was older and suffered Presbyopia.

I was raised Presbyopian myself and know even its most devout adherents forget their glasses. So the town safety committee decided to paint "STOP" in bigger letters on the asphalt. Now the asphalt is deteriorating and the lettering is cloudy. I believe this is what led humankind to invent signs up on poles. I also predict my wife's home town will join this group someday.

Calculations used in this wordlist of one word (or do lower and upper cases count as two?) don't strictly follow base twelve arithmetic, but it must be remembered that Presbyopianism is not numerologically sophisticated like Long-count Mayanism, Dodekatheonism, Astrology and Apocalyptic sects like the IRS. In fact, it can be corrected with bifocals.


  1. Hahahah!!! I needed that! Thanks, Geo.

  2. Sometimes, I think I need another head on my shoulders. Do people drive upside down in this town?

  3. You're welcome, Austan! And yes, CarrieBoo, they drive upside down --as has my wife, who was raised there. I plan to speak to her about it.

  4. So far so good, Harry. Thanks!

  5. geo j'aimerai t'envoyer "la clé s'éteint", peux tu me donner une adresse postale ?

  6. What a clever clever post. Enjoyed it tremendously.

  7. Arno: Malheureusement, ma femme ne me permet plus d'afficher notre adresse. Mais je vous remercie pour votre offre généreuse.

    I urge all visitors and commentors to click on Arno Cahaigne's icon and view his excellent new chapbook project!

    Susan: Thank you. I enjoy your humor immensely --most recently, your speculation about bum knees!


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