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Monday, August 4, 2014

Ten Questions

I have decided to pose a series of questions derived from Newton's Third Law Of Motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Let us begin with a doodle:

1. If we all turned on our faucets in the northern hemisphere, in which direction would Earth be propelled?

2. How come we can recognize the sneeze of someone we grew up with, even after a long separation?

3. If humanity is united in a single spirit, what is it doing in all these bodies and why are they so excited about each other?

4. If I sing very badly, and I do, could I drown myself out by singing even louder?

5. If philanthropic organizations set out to clothe the naked, and the naked don't want to be clothed, is it morally correct to use force?

7. Is imagination a figment of itself?

8.Why do I sometimes mistake my brain for a spider that has spun its web in my hat?

9. When a child asks, "If I am four years old, how old is that?" What is the correct answer?

10. Homo Sapiens is the binomial nomenclature by which we refer to ourselves --Latin for Man the Wise-- but does it mean we actually know what we're doing?

This has been one of those very hot days during which one gets ideas. The questions I derived from Newton's third law will doubtless be seen to deviate from its intent, especially where cooler heads prevail. Right now, that would be in the southern hemisphere. However, even here on the parched California prairie, I defend their relevance to action and reaction. Now I must plan my weekend trip to the coast where I shall dive for luffa sponges, and secure my fortune. 


  1. Well, lemme see here....first question: ok, when we flush toilets it spins clockwise, ergo if we can get the Canadians to do it (doubtful), it's slow the rotation of earth just enough to put it in an orbit different than present, with good or bad results.
    2,3, and 4, who knows.
    5,6 und 7, yes.
    8" you're crazy? who knows....
    9: Ah the Tao....who among us can say what we are, or what we will be. Why is a duck a duck? What is cold? 50 bucks please....
    10. You need to ask??

    1. Wow! Correct answers for every question except number 6. (There is no number 6.) Well done, you!

    2. Ten is an emphatic no.
      Nine? Older than you were yesterday, and very almost grown up.
      Eight? Only a problem if the spider also mistakes your brain for its web.
      Seven? A peach rather than a fig.
      Five: Since when do philanthropic organisations care about anyone's morals which don't match their own? So no (in their eyes).
      Four. I can't, but if I sing loudly enough no-one can tell.
      Three, Two and One? Both of my brain cells hurt. I quit.

  2. EC, you surpass yourself! Another perfect score, and I shall adopt your solution to question #9 as a personal constant!

  3. I immediately noticed that there was no #6. I assumed that you had merely done this to perplex us, and not because the intense California heat had affected your brain.

    1. The earth would propel itself towards a definite water shortage in the southern hemisphere.

    2. Sneezes, much like fingerprints, leave a lasting impression.

    4. You couldn't drown yourself out by singing loudly, but I could certainly do it by singing worse than you.

    5. Fortunately, philanthropic organizations can't run fast enough to catch the naked.

    7. No, but I've heard that Fig Newtons can imitate themselves.

    8. Spider webs are surprisingly durable, incredibly intricate, amazingly beautiful, and spiders are clever enough to create them. Not bad for a brain substitute.

    9. The correct answer is that the child is fifty years younger than myself (give or take).

    10. Homo Sapiens fool one another into thinking that they know what they're doing.

    If I skipped one question, it wasn't a mistake.
    (I'm going to hate myself for posting this long and unamusing comment)

    1. Yet another 100% score! And you succeeded in inducing laughter in this lab animal. Jon, you aced the quiz!

  4. At various times in my life, I have come across people who have said that there are questions that should not be asked. I have never agreed with that particular philosophy! ........... I am about to change my position!

    1. An excellent assessment of pop-quizzes. Yours is the correct answer too!

  5. You made me laugh out loud with #7...imagination as a figment of itself. And I try to do #4 in the doesn't work.

    1. Sometimes using a lot of imagination makes my singing sound better.

  6. 1. I don't care but please stop wasting water.
    2 and 3...don't know
    4. no, but you could give yourself a massive headache.
    5. only if the naked are butt ugly.
    6. the ultimate question to which anything could be the answer.
    7. yes
    8. because ideas tickly
    9. the correct answer is, "I used to e four and sometimes I still act like it and I wish I was four again."
    10. It means a man named us and it should be 'woman the wise' lol.

    Lots of fun.

  7. It is good to question, Geo, but sometimes there are no answers. It is best then to just smile, scratch your head, and move along. Tomorrow will bring more puzzles for us contemplate and maybe we will do better then.

    1. Conundrums wrapped in enigmas. We're no strangers to puzzles on this train.

  8. I really like the doodle but it's much to early in the morning for a quiz.
    (but where is # 6?)
    I am off to walk my dog and enjoy the crisp morning air ....
    You are a smart and funny man ....

    1. Kind Margie, "... where is # 6?" would make a fine question #6!

  9. 3. I AM in the body so we can feel excited.
    5. No.
    7. Most likely.
    10. No. I mean, Yes. No. We don't. Do I?

  10. 6. ? Perhaps it is to ask What is moral correctness?

  11. Dear Geo.,
    it is still so 'Hot in the City', and from the juke box I hear Billy Idol, mirroring the heat, followed by the Beatles: "I'm so tired". But then I "Wake up" (little Suzie), there is music:is in the air, and all your questions will be answered ("Frag den Abendwind" Francoise Hardy

    1. "It never rains in Southern California" (Albert Hammond)
    2. The Sneeze Song (Brant Oden)
    3. "Spirit in the Sky" (norman Greenbaum)
    4. "I'm Singing in the Rain" (Gene Kelly)
    5. "The Streak" (Ray Steves)
    6. "If I had a Hammer" (Pete Seeger) this jukebox would - go ---on --
    7. "Imagine" (John Lennon)
    8. "The Spider and the Fly" (Rolling Stones)
    9. "Mother's little Helper" (Stones again - 'What a drag it is getting old...')
    10. "Old and Wise" (Alan Parson)

    1. Dear Brigitta,
      Thank you for Francoise Hardy vid-link! Had never heard "Frag den Abendwind" but have often asked the evening wind where happiness begins, and the silver moon where love lives. A beautiful song full of good questions!

  12. Intriguing questions. I found myself with an automatic response to each one. Then I would think about it and more questions came to mind and the automatic answer did not fit. Great song choices Brigitta

    1. Answers do have a way of generating more questions, don't they? Hmm, I believe that just happened in my previous sentence.

  13. 1. Toward New Jersey.
    2. Downfall of imposters everywhere.
    3. Pretty sure that has something to do with plate tectonics.
    4. No, but you could drown out the traffic noise so have at it.
    5. Maybe they should offer sunscreen instead.
    6. Raisin toast. Thanks for asking.
    7. Only if you do it right.
    8. Maybe we should rethink letting kids wear hats in school.
    9. "Let's go get some ice cream."
    10. Pretty sure that's "wise guy."

    1. Delightful answers, Squid. You join the 100% club! Comments, yours and others, received so far will not allow my attention to leave the quiz concept. It deserves further study.

  14. Loved coming back to read everyone's answers. Glad you skipped six. I'm sure it was kompulsory.

    1. We are definitely in the company of good minds, Suze!

  15. I'm sorry I missed this post when it first came out. After reading your newest post, I had to backtrack and see what it was all about. (Alfie)

    Great post. Your mind (even when addled by the heat) never fails to amaze me, dude. Great comments from your fans, too.

    1. Thanks Susan! I can now declare, "I am not a number, I am Dude!"


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