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Monday, June 23, 2014

Conversing With Sub-space Fields

Lately, Google Blogger has contended with a stubborn glitch. I can't consult my dashboard reader list for new posts from those I follow except for the most recent one, and one only. Neither, I gather from visiting their Help Forum, can half the world. The world, in this context, is the closest representative available of the rest of the entire universe. Something tremendous, then, is wrong with the universe. Run!

Where does one run?

To the garden, obviously, because Nature is a universal language. We live in a universe located at the convergence of two continua: one electromagnetic; the other, gravitational. In Normaphoto above, we see a flotilla of sub-space fields passing the lens. Because we already deal with length, breadth, depth and duration in our plenum, the sub-space fields allow the propagation of new plena without engulfing us in an embarrassment of extra dimensions. I position myself at the hedge and address other universes, which I have labeled, A through K and  ??:

Geo.: Hello!

A-K : Hi!

Geo.: Hi, little universes! I have a question.

A-K: Make it snappy, we got our own problems.

Geo.: Like what?

A-K: Like we're so small, people on our planets have to carry long poles to poke other planets back into the sky when they get too close.

Geo.: What happens if they collide?

A-K: Let's just say Life shouldn't be something that only happens when no one is around.

Geo.: I don't understand.

A-K: Maybe you're an idiot.

Geo.: Am not. I been to college. I took English 1-B!

A-K: So what did you learn?

Geo.: That Tennyson is not an antibiotic.

A-K: What's your question?

Geo: Something's wrong with Google, ideas?

A-K: Oh, same thing that's wrong with your whole world. Everything's pinned to the moment and your history's leaking.

Geo.: Leaking? Where?

A-K: We don't know, get a telescope, point it up and look for a really big oily spot.

Geo.: Well, what about the continuum labeled "??". Should I ask it?

A-K: Go ahead, he's an idiot too.

Geo.: What's he like?

A-K: Kind of a loner. By grouping, we assist in his isolation even though we don't approve of it.

Geo.: Ok! ??, what's wrong with Google?

??:  Huh? I don't know. Why don't you ask your grandson?

Geo.: Eh?

??: Your grandson. Just pull back a bit and get the whole picture:
Geo.: Unless I miss my guess, there's a paradox here.

??:  At least! Maybe three or four doxes, but don't take my word for it; the future is where everything really comes from, including the past. Now how do I get past the hedge without popping?

Geo.: Don't know. Never done it.


  1. I envy you, Geo.
    You're the only person I know who can turn an extremely annoying glitch into an absolutely delightful complexity (it's a complexity to me because I never took English 1-B in college......I thought Dostoyevsky was a STD.....).

    As for bubbles, I only see them in my beer.

    1. Beer bubbles are good! Perhaps that's the answer to this glitch. But Dostoyevsky wrote one of my favorite novels, "The Idiot" --perhaps the same idiot who inhabits "Continuum ??"-- a metaphorical allegory of the Gospel. We are in deep waters here. I too prefer beer.

  2. I am in my garden now, Geo, looking for the Google gnome to explain what the heck is going on. He is being very silent about the whole matter.

    1. Beautiful Arleen, the gnome will only address the imagination. It's been a half hour since your comment so I expect he's said something to you by now. That you have found this post and commented means the world is being set right!

  3. A-K are infinitely more communicative and informative than the blogger boffins. And, as the Normaphoto clearly illustrates, infinitely better looking too.

  4. Ah! Boffin is British slang for a scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in technical or scientific work. Thank you, E.C., for teaching me a new word! I will pass your kind compliment on to Norma --grandson already knows he's cute.

  5. Blogger is its own little universe and I fear it is in danger of imploding on the hedge of the Internet. I have been manually scanning down my list of bloggers I follow, clicking on each one individually to see if they have posted in the past 24 hours. I've been foaming at the mouth creating my own little collection of universes.

  6. Quite delightful! But........boffins is a media slang word. Boffins are people, honestly! It's only people who call boffins, "Boffins."

    1. Thanks, funny little word. I learn here and shall doubtless learn more!

  7. Nice work. I first read it as "your history is lacking" rather than leaking. Works either way.

  8. Dear Geo.,
    so it was good luck that I spent Monday/Tuesday in Hildesheim, where the birthday-surprise-party for husband was a great success - and I had no time to discover that there was a blogspot-glitch, or Google-glitch. (For me, the whole Google+ business is hard to understand; Facebook is easier).
    I love your Norma-photos! And your sweet grandson!

    1. Thank you, dear Brigitta, and happy birthday to your husband! I too have difficulty seeing any advantage to Google+, but I have never joined Facebook either (there are 10 or 11 non-Facebook-users in the world and I am one of them). Perhaps I will someday.

  9. Google and glitches seem to go hand in hand for me! What a gorgeous young man in amidst all those bubbles....!

    1. Alas, glitches are part of progress --but so is the "young man" in the photo, who is a more gorgeous grandchild than I'll ever be.

  10. My whole internet experience has been a series of glitches. Some more educational than others. Still haven't learned to jump the hedge without popping though. I suspect some kind crouching planet hidden wind type maneuver is required

    1. Indeed, beautiful and useful as they are, there are few miseries so prickly as blundering into a hedge!

  11. I LOVE the bubbles in Norma's photos. As old as I am, I still see something magical in bubbles... and sharing them with grandchildren makes them doubly so.

    Another fun post, dude. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who was adversely affected by the latest Blogger glitches. I was starting to take them personally.

    1. Thanks, Susan. Happily the glitches are fixed now...or stuck in the hedge. I will caution my grandchildren not to break Google again!


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