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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I am pleased to have again been tagged by Lady Austan because she can make up 11 really good questions. Terms of Bloggertag are that one invites people to answer, then make up new questions and tag others. I have always liked tag.

I went to college on a tag scholarship. Actually, it was a combined tag and pillowfighting scholarship. I was well-trained in both. The two sports demand comparable proficiency in organization, strategy and skill. More about that later. Right now, let's attend to Austan's questions:

1. What was the last movie you watched?

"Mr. Baseball", starring Tom Selleck and Aya Takanashi

2. Did you go to a theatre or watch a dvd?

I watched it on streaming Netflix. It was made in 1992 but I hadn't seen it before last night.

3. What's the new movie you want to see?

They make new movies?

4. Always buy munchies at the theatre or smuggle them in?

I buy them. It helps keep all the workers employed.

5. Pay full price, hit the matinee, rent or buy?


6. What movie actor/actress do you make a point to always catch?

Harry Goaz /Anitra Ford

7. What's your favorite movie of all time?

"Stairway To Heaven", with David Niven and Kim Hunter. Here is the opening scene. Visual gets better after a few seconds. Do yourself a favor and watch the whole 6+ minutes:

 8. Do you have a special movie memory (a first date, e.g.)?

 Yes,  a movie date in 1966. I believe we saw "Georgy Girl".

9. What's the worst movie you ever saw?

"Frankenstein Island" was so bad it was fascinating. But as far as totally pretentious pieces of nonsense go, "Barbarella".

10. Do you watch the credits?

Yes, on the first or second viewing. They go by so fast though!

11. What movie have you seen the most times and how many times have you watched it?

I've probably seen "The Wizard Of Oz" 10 times by myself, 10 times with company, 20 times with the kids and 40 times I've forgotten about.

Because tag was so difficult to referee and pillow fights required special equipment --pillows-- these two popular college sports gradually, over a considerable span of 10 or 15 minutes during my freshman year, dissolved into the philosophy department and lost their league standing. This is reflected in my choice of 11 questions which, according to my education, are sports-related.

1. If our memories are only long enough to remember themselves, do we pre-exist them?

2. Is living as if there is no tomorrow enviable yesterday?

3.There's a word for hypochondriacs but what do we call people with delusions of wellness?

4. When a child asks, "If I'm four years old, how old is that?", what is the correct answer?

5. Can you do nothing if you've already done it?

6. Nothing and anything are so dissimilar they are practically two different things. Would they be if they weren't already?

7. If, every time something happens, the universe is redefined, how is it affected when nothing happens?

8. When our costumes come off, are we sometimes just laundry?

9. Is it possible, perhaps by some advance in electrolysis or politics, to gold-plate a fart?

10. Even a perfect universe depends upon entropy for the progress of time. Does this mean perfection includes imperfection?

11. How tall should I be?

As to the last bit of this process, inviting others to answer my questions, I have decided to follow my conscience. The decline and absorption of college pillowfighting alarms me. Rather than lose its venerable athletic traditions entirely to philosophy, I will employ its central rule of propagation here. Instead of tagging individual targets, consider this a general pillow-bopping. I invite all to answer these questions. Remember the team motto: Sometimes one must be masterful and not nervous about details. Let detail feathers fly!


  1. There's just no topping that. How do you do it?!!!

    I'm working on a tag from Lawless right now... maybe I'll just steal your questions. ;) Okay, okay...

  2. Those are quite the questions. I don't think I have a pillow big enough to bop them with.

  3. I can't figure out which is more priceless - - your questions or your wit?
    As for "Tag", I haven't played in forty years and now I'm too damn old to run.....

  4. I knew you'd run with it and you did! Now I've gotta find that movie. David Niven!

  5. Thanks all! Glad you enjoyed questions. Hope everybody finds "Stairway To Heaven". It was released in UK as "A Matter Of Life And Death" and explores what the " might be like if we'd listened to Aristotle, Plato and Jesus." It contains more lines, like "you're Life, June, and I'm leaving you", that I'd rather have written than fly a "...plane between Hitler's legs."

  6. Wow, that movie looks good.

    *bop with pillow*


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