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Monday, December 13, 2010

OMGism and Holy War

OMGism is a panpsychological discipline drawn from the observation that, in an infinite universe, all possibilities are assembled --even those which are mutually exclusive. This leaves, as the only enduring and reliable constants, forces and ideas that are inconclusive.

The religious experience of OMGism occurs when the practitioner realizes humans are an expression of a universe designed to freak itself out. The only fixed doctrine of OMGism is, after epiphanies, you should probably go lie down.

It would be instructive here to address the difference between OMGism ("you ain't experienced nothin' yet") and another church, Jolsonism ("you ain't heard nothin' yet"). There was a holy war between the two factions, over which --because of huge doctrinal similarities-- neither side could work up much enthusiasm, resulting in no injuries but in Bachman Turner Overdrive ("you ain't SEEN nothin' yet") and a persistent stutter. Holy wars, like epiphanies, are bad for elocution and participants can all benefit from a nice nap afterwards.


  1. I LOVE tis! It should be (maybe it already is) part of your ongoing project of identifying verbal realities. I love OMG, sometimes as defined by the Urban Dictionary <
    but equally OMFG and other variations.

    As for Jolson and Bachman Turner Overdrive (wonderful stretch musically, Geo., that I too appreciate), "participants can all benefit from a nice nap afterwards" fulfills all!

  2. Thanks Willie. You knew before I did how much verbal realities both reflect and create the world of our daily lives. I would imagine, in a better world, theists and atheists of all cultures and all belief systems could find common ground in personal leap of faith. They all share it and apply it to hierophany. Yet they strive against each other collectively. I see great hope that they use the internet abbrieviation, OMG, severally.


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