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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Language In Thought And Action

Who knows what gestures mean? Some seem definite but are they? Are they really? To illustrate, I shall post a short film taken by my wife. It was made last year of me performing a private retirement dance. My son posted it on Youtube and called it, "Geezer dances until told to stop". They thought it might make me a famous dancer, which I considered optimistic over a career of only 16 seconds.

Turns out the 16-second gravel dance gathered over 180 views, which is famous enough for me, but recently I was told I could sensationalize the title and greatly expand my audience. I am uncertain of the process, but consider "Geezer convulses and hoarks up a hip-bone" a strong favorite. It wouldn't be truthful, but those expert in dance gesture assure me no one could tell until the end of the clip.


  1. I saw that then, and I don't think I was one of the 180 responders. Pretty good for a geezer like you who hadn't been AFAIK dancing continuously like moi, your old teacher/trance dancer. Coolness, indeed! So are you still hoofing it up?

  2. Thanks Willie!

    I believe you must have been attracted by the title, which was the same as your old classroom text by S.I. Hayakawa. It must have made some impression on me because I remember it was green. Big green paperback. As for dancing, I'm obviously in a class by myself.


  3. Well, of course I remembered that but forgot to include a reference to it in my post. Poor old S.I.: he was another example of the persecuted becoming a persecutor, somewhat like the dominating parties in Israel. Remember his reign of terror as prez at SF State? "Language in Thought and Action" indeed!

  4. That's just amazing, Geo. Keep on dancing. The glimpse into your garden is beautiful. I hope the two of you enjoy your retirement immensly. Annie B.

  5. Thank you Annie B.! Life has many pleasures, but few so dance-able as phoning work one morning and calling in old.


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