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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Superior Course Of Study

"Is it lined up ok?"

"Parfaitement. The world is cloudy behind you and  Brazil oozes out your ear."

"Then let's find a different background."

"No, I was kidding. I would never take such a silly picture!"
***I am learning. In retirement, I am learning.***

"I feel so sleepy this afternoon!"

"You went to bed before I did, but got up before 6 a.m., which is very early."

"Geo., that was yesterday."

"Well, that's even earlier then."

***I am learning. I worked 40 years but I still learn.***

"Darcie just wrote me. She's carrying a shotgun outdoors."

"How unlike her. Why?"

"She has bears. Bears in her yard!"

"Wow, they sure have interesting problems upstate."

"But yes! I told her we have only a crazy bearded drunk neighbor stumbling around in our field."
"Ah, give him time, Norma. Give him time."

***Decidedly, I learn anew. Retirement doesn't define who one is, only what one did for a while.*** 



  1. Norma is lovely, this is a great picture :)

    Is it being retired that you're doing for a while, or what you retired from that you did for a while? But never mind, neither defines us!

  2. Retirement closes one door (thank God) and opens up a whole vista...look around goes on forever.

  3. Retirement doesn't impede learning. It accelerates it.

  4. Michelle-- Yes! Even settled definitions are in a state of flux. I am retire 4 years now and there are drunks and bears, but I flux regularly.

    Delores-- Alexander the Great wept because there were no more worlds to conquer. We could've taught him a thing or two about retirement!

  5. Jon-- Indeed! It must! Your much-appreciated comment came while I was responding.

  6. Retirement has gotta be the best time of life. Each day is a new adventure, if we want it to be. Or we can take a nap right in the middle of the day. If we want to eat dinner at three o'clock... or eight o'clock... we can. If we want to have nothing but a big milk shake for lunch, we can. We can stay up late if we wanta, or get up at the butt crack of dawn. The only thing wrong with retirement? It's a shame we have to be so darned old to reach it.

  7. The only thing that should define us is ourselves. And no matter where we are in life we should always keep learning. Live on!

  8. It's funny how comforting maps can be.

  9. This makes me look forward to retirement when I read your posts. Lovely picture of Normal by the way.

  10. We certainly do live and learn on a daily basis....(and sometimes it's good gossip!).

  11. It takes awhile to get the hang of this retirement thing, but once settled in, it is pretty nice. It is good to relax, of course, bears and drunks can get in the way of our peace and serenty.

  12. Oh, I love your last comment, Geo - and the whole post of course too! Beautiful photo - and learning to chose between chronos and kairos is so rewarding.

  13. Susan-- Yes, and I can enjoy a glass of wine at midnight without a thought to work in the morning. Here's to the "buttcrack of dawn"!

    SP-- Accurate definition. Excellent suggestion:"Live On!"

    Laoch-- I consult maps eventhough Mercator projection has never been tested on humans.

    Keith-- Norma is my gold-standard of normal.

    Helena-- Yes, the choicest news is gathered between fence palings.

    Arleen-- Drunks are unbearable and bears are...well, they're bears.

    Britta-- I agree, it's up to us to make our time special. Thank you!

  14. Retirement nor work should define us--a part of the reason I don't talk about work in my blog! Lovely photo!

  15. Norma is indeed lovely! Brazil becomes her.

    You know, crazy drunk guys are bad enough, but crazy drunk BEARDED guys ... best shoulder that shotgun.



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