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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

It is evening, Father's Day, and I am waiting in the kitchen to have a word interstitially with the kid who called latest. You see, they talk most with their mother, which is the way of the world and how the world should be, and I get handed the phone now and then. I listen from across the table and reflect no disturbance where there is none to reflect. Ah, excuse me, it is my turn.

There, the space between this paragraph and the one above represents 45 minutes, discussing plans, excitements, adventures with my eldest son, 42 (by coincidence, that is also his age). But as I set the receiver back on its base, I noticed the message light blinking. I press the button and hear this:

"Hi, Dad. It's me, Robert! I just wanted to wish you a happy Father's Day."

Robert? Robert must have left the message while I was out buying pants. There's only one problem: I have no child named Robert.   

I am measurelessly proud of all my children. They are fine people, trying and succeeding, improving the world. There is much to improve. They belong to a very creative, resourceful and hardworking generation and I must, as I always have tried to do, be my best for them and be as strong as they need me to be.  I love that they all contacted me today and wish only the best for them and their entire generation, even Robert.

Whoever Robert is.


  1. Ah, Geo. I seriously hope that Robert is not your child. There's always a slim chance that he does have the right number and is preparing you for some sort of a shock......
    (Am I trying to be funny? Who knows).

    Robert would be fortunate if he did have you as a long-lost progenitor. I have no doubt that you're a perfect father.

  2. Our Father's Day is the first Sunday in September. I do have a brother Robert. Perhaps in the absence of a father of his own he rang you? Levity aside, I do hope that your Robert did reach his own father.

  3. Jon-- Thank you! But I made many mistakes as a parent. Fortunately, children are resilient and quick to correct me. Funny? I hope so --unless Robert's mother has told him something I still haven't heard!

    E.C.--If Robert is your brother and...hmmm, no I WOULD remember naming his sibling "Elephant's Child". But I share your hope that the proper poppa was phinally phoned.

  4. Your eldest son, 42, has a fine name, with a tradition to uphold, being the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

    Sorry, it had to be said.

  5. Welp Geo it sounds as if he finally found you...perhaps the result of a tryst that you can't remember?

  6. Perhaps Robert is a son from a different time-line in our great multiverse?

  7. I am sure Robert's father was disappointed that he never got a call.

    I hope you had a wonderful day.

  8. :)

    I talk with my Dad on the phone almost every day. More than Mom.

    Happy Father's Day, G.

  9. Oh dear...someone's poor daddy is sitting home alone wondering why his baby didn't wish him a Happy Fathers Day.

  10. [Excuse me Geezer! Due to my own misdialing I accidentally lost a comment, which I was able to restore this far. Geo.]

    Old Geezers Out to Lunch has left a new comment on your post "Father's Day":

    Grown kids are a delight. Mine are 27 and 23, but no Roberts among them. Eldest is "He-brat," youngest is "She-brat." A day of movies, bbq-ing and smart-ass conversation—an excellent day.

    I do hope that Robert eventually dialed correctly and talked to his old man.

  11. Ahh Robert! Your other kiddos always knew he was really your favorite. Glad he left a message - at the very least. Happy belated!

  12. Poor Robert's dad. The poor guy thinks he was forgotten.

    I hope you had a super day. Talking to the younguns usually makes it so, doesn't it?

  13. No caller ID on your phone? I would be tempted to return Robert's call and let him know that his call was misplaced. Who knows? One misplaced call might have the same effect as a butterfly's wings purportedly have on weather half way around the world. I'm glad you had a great Father's Day, mysterious caller notwithstanding.

  14. Remembering Grace beat me to it! Happy belated Dad's day. Your kids are lucky to have such a clever, funny father.


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