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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Mystery Of The Graceful Ghost

Like most boys and girls, I am no stranger to mysteries. We encounter them and solve them with logical thought. For example, there comes a time when we conclude cats are not animals; they are a fur-bearing liquid. We don't pick them up and put them places so much as pour them.

There are other examples. According to my case-notes, I solved the mystery of The Back Porch Monster by capturing and carefully dismantling it when it hopped and flopped moplike from under the washing machine. I found it was largely made of lint. At its center, I found a very grateful little treefrog which (because I remember how much I enjoyed it when it was done to me), I took outdoors and released into the wild.

However, there are some mysteries by which I confess myself baffled --enigmas I cannot penetrate to any useful depth, no matter how experienced I get, how wizened, gnarled and riven with age...wait, I believe I have just described a dead tree:
I've been bucking it for firewood in the forest. I, on the other hand, am part human. If you ask a tree what borborygmus is, it may tell you it is the Greek term for growling tummy or it may not. I will tell you borborygmus sounds precisely like what it means, or I may not. There are lots of people who are human and don't do anything about it but I am not one of them. The tree may answer correctly but I will not hazard a guess.

But I digress. In order introduce the mystery of The Graceful Ghost, I must ask you to watch and listen to the following YouTube video of two young mediums channeling that particular entity.

This tune has the uncanny ability to get into my head, play itself and cause me to dance loosely and rhythmically from side to side while trying to walk forward. It is not strenuous or taxing, pleasurable actually. It is a friendly sort of possession, carried by the melody itself. I sway, and twirl slowly. My ligaments loosen and even a walk to wheel the garbage bin out becomes a relaxed, fluid experience. I sort of  like it, but if I find myself liquifying, overwhelmed in lint or falling down in the forest, I will definitely consult an exorcist.


  1. A lovely piece. I can see where it may take over your mind and have you appearing and disappearing...

  2. An exquisite Bolcom invention, reminiscent perhaps of Clarence Williams.
    It seems to release my soul from slumber and liquefies my limbs - - inducing me to go on a ghost jaunt through the forest.

    ("Liquefies" is a weird word. It looks funny, but I checked the spelling......)

  3. Sometimes we wish to be released into the wild. Sometimes no. If one is to be possessed, it is best if the ghost is a friendly one.

  4. Fur-bearing what an apt description for a cat! My grey tabby would most certainly fit this description. You mention exorcism...I have often wondered if they do exorcism for cats? As I am quite certain mine has a demon in her.

  5. While the music is haunting, I am quite certain no graceful ghost would stoop to haunting such a life-long klutz as I. Too bad. Any infusion of grace at all would be a distinct improvement.

    Oh, and I never told you, but I'm a medium, too. How 'bout that? I used to be an extra small, but age has a way of packing on the pounds. Now I'm a medium... if I suck in my gut.


  6. I totally agree, because Spring is very much cat-gutty to me. I want string music. In fact, Spring and string are almost the same word, only different. I want both, though. Is that greedy?
    Pre-Equinoxically Perplexed

  7. Quite a strange and interesting blog you have here. Makes for a refreshing break from the mundane.


  8. Interesting mysteries you have solved. The old gnarled tree is my favorite. The paranormal lint, a.k.a tree frog, would have scared me senseless. Very thoughtful of you to set it free. Run to the river little froggie! :D


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