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Thursday, August 9, 2012

California Dreaming

Friend Dan had a magnum bottle of 2004 Sterling Cabernet that I didn't know about until today. Suddenly, the 103 degree temperature outside was unimportant and I got our pre-A.C. (A.C.,latin: "aether"=air "condicio"=conditioning) car started and headed over there to make sure it was genuine. Sterling Vineyards is a winery near Calistoga, a central coast region well-known for its waters. They are geyserous and curative and I was hoping the same benefits were imparted to its wine but I am not an optimist and was prepared for pleasurable disappointment.

Dan and I are in our 60s and therefore knew enough to ask our dates to this function some 40 years in advance. They immediately tired of our silent appreciation of the waters and began discussing charmeuse silk as they wandered away. Being longtime Californians, Dan and I thought they were saying "Shamu", which is the name of a whale at Marine World who became famous for something and whose name was associated with whales ever after.

We decided "charmeuse" is a French word for whale.

Then the conversation would drift back as our wives passed though with their heads together and we learned of warp and weft. Ah! All who have taken folding chairs and hot cocoa to Reyes Point in January know the whales are passing by on their way to...something. As we consumed more of the waters we speculated upon this migratory imperative. This destination must be where the whales spin their cocoons and hope to emerge as butterflies weighing 3 to 9 tons.

We learned whale silk is used in bridal gowns, hankies and boxer shorts. It was at this point I looked at Dan and wondered why he stopped aging at 45 tops while I look every minute of my age. When I recover from the effect of these rejuvenating waters, I fully intend to investigate it. Meanwhile, I'll have what he's having.


  1. It is amazing the amount of knowledge that is imparted over the top of a diminishing bottle.

  2. I've yet to discover if wine tastes better with age... if your friend has more hidden bottles he'd like to test, I'd be happy to help.

    Did I just see a giant whale fly by my window?!!!

  3. John-- Indeed, there seems to be an inverse ratio at work there.

    CarrieBoo-- Makes us glad we're human. Have you seen what happens when, say, two snails have even a beer together?

  4. Some of the most enjoyable "intellectual" discussions I've ever encountered were well-oiled and somewhat skewed by the intake of various adult indulgences. Another fun post, as always. And a good HA! at the idea of two hapless snails trying to enjoy a beer...

  5. Susan, If I've furnished a bit of fun --especially now-- you honor me. Thanks!

  6. I'm more of a beer drinker but would certainly join in the tasting of good wine. I often benefit at parties from the fact that wine doesn't keep well once the bottle is opened and few want to see it poured down the drain. Saving it from waste can lead to one being wasted.


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