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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Conversation With Anonymous #2

I have received a new communication from Anonymous and will endeavor to answer it. It came in the form of a comment on a poem posted in a series, "Gardening With Geo.", which can be accessed by my profile page. But to preserve the exclusive, rarefied and infrequent character of that blog's readership I will reproduce the literary novelty that induced such spastic appreciation in Anonymous:

Hinge View Of A Bivalve
(Saturday, August 30, 2008)

Here inside,
In limits,
Focal umbo
Under ribs,
Is this
Convecting swarm
Of salt and stars,
Boiling --by which
Alembic I might
Scald an angel out
Or open my shell
To roaring sun
And let one in.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Hinge View Of A Bivalve":

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Dear Anonymous,

Hi yourself. Haven't heard from you for some weeks and my memory is not too good but I recall you tried several languages with little success before English. I thought you had settled into it and was surprised this latest epistle lapsed into a sort of Pidgin-German. Are you all right?

You may notice that I have edited out the thirty or so clickable addresses that accompanied your comment. I mean no ingratitude or disrespect. It's just that I'm satisfied with the social life available to me and don't feel I could do justice to the activities you suggest. I do not understand some of them but am sure they're well-meant. Their frequent reference to "pussy" is likewise gratefully noted but I have a neighbor who has one that hops the fence and follows me around. It is a sort of brindled tabby that likes to hunt in my yard, so I'm really not short of cats.

What concerns me here is you have not quite got the idea of my poem. It deals with learning, the mind employing ampliative induction to expand understanding, and uses the alchemist's oven as metaphor. I know you're very busy with cyber-activism, defending WikiLeaks and championing various causes, whether they want you to or not, but even the best-intended nuisances sometimes need periods of quiet reflection. I hope you feel better soon.



  1. You are bloody brilliant!!! My goodness. LOLOL. And it's a beautiful poem.

  2. Thank you, CarrieBoo. Most kind. And I'm glad you like the poem.

  3. I'll second what Carrie said. I love the poem, and wouldn't it be a kick to respond to some of those cyberpunks like that? On second thought, nah. It'd just bring more of their kind upon your blog. As always, a clever post.

  4. Thanks Susan! I grudgingly agree about advertisers. I thought nothing was friendlier than wet dogs but, sadly, spammers have proven otherwise.

  5. :-)
    The poem is a star-filled, enveloping and expansive delight.

    The spam is not.

    How lovely that you've turned it into a well-written post.

    Nicely done, sir. :-)



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